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Promo GR&GIR with Food (5% Disc. for full payment) - SAVE $250

Learn to be at peace with your food choices. Avoid the I am a…(Vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean) confusion. Get Real, eat with joy, enjoy life and understand which foods you love & like work best for you.


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You will feel better about WHO YOU ARE. You will lose weight. You will have a better understanding of why you choose the foods you do and avoid others. You will have a better understanding of whether the food you are about to eat is WORTHY OF YOU or not and the consequences you may encounter consuming certain foods not worthy of you. You will lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar and begin to KNOW YOURSELF and take more charge of each day (SEIZE THE DAY) or I will not only refund your investment; I will allow you to keep the books and pay you $100 dollars for your time and effort. Simply provide me with your completed work after the initial 60 days and before 90 days..

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Promo GR&GIR with Food (5% Disc. for full payment) - SAVE $250


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$1500.00 Today Then 2 Payments of $1500.00 Monthly

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$1500.00 Today Then 3 Payments of $1000.00 Monthly

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